Ms. Hoda Bibi *

Managing Director
President & Chief Compliance Officer
39 years Investment Experience
IBM Corporation - Research Analyst
Canadian Government
Education:  B.A. Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1971

Bruce D. Bottomley, CFA *

Managing Director
Portfolio Manager
48 years Investment Experience
IBM Corporation - Senior Portfolio Manager
Manufacturers Hanover Trust
St. Paul Companies
Education:  B.A. Michigan State 1970
MBA University of Chicago 1972 

Daniel L. Leary *

Managing Director
Portfolio Manager
49 years Investment Experience
IBM Corporation - Senior portfolio Manager
General Electric Company
Connecticut Mutual Life
Education:  B.S. Boston College School of Management 1971
Jeffrey L. Speight, Jr. 

Portfolio Manager
22 years investment experience
Joined Sasco Capital - 2006
Warrington Capital Management
ING Investment Management
Education: B.S. James Madison University 1996
MA Brown University 1997

Adam W. Snyder, CFA

Portfolio Manager
20 years Investment Experience
Joined Sasco Capital - 2013
Loews Corporation
Newgate LLP Capital Management
Sands Brothers & Co. Ltd.
Education: B.A. Juniata College 1999
MBA Columbia Business School 2006

Ryan Darrohn

Research Analyst
Joined Sasco Capital - 2019
U.s. Air Force
Broad Bay Capital (intern)
Railroad Ranch Capital  (intern)
B.S. U.S. Air Force Academy 2011
MBA Columbia Business School 2019
CFA Level II

* Founded Sasco 1985